Dreams Can Come True

I am grateful to have clients who have joined me from all over the Americas, and from locations around the United States. It’s a small and motivated crew that come to my classes.

Most everyone comes to my Zoom group classes…it’s more fun to be together. One client and friend joins during her lunch break in New York. Another is up early and pops in whenever she’s not traveling. Another client makes it to class when he’s home and when he’s traveling for work. There are the people (at least one over the age of 70!!!) who come to nearly every class, and the others who can’t make it all of the time and join in on the recordings. 

In addition to my group fitness classes, I offer a few personal training sessions. I get to go on walks, design strength training with a mix of running for a client who wants to run a mile and who loves TRX. I design classes for a woman who wants to become a better swimmer. I love meeting people where they are and helping them build strength for the specifics of their lives! 

This week I have the privilege to be training my swim client in person in Mexico! I never even considered this idea, but on a recent strength training Zoom call, I asked her,”If you could have anything you could wish for so that you could get the skills you need for your swimming, what would it be?” She said she’d want me to come to work with her in person, and here I am. Dreams do come true! 🙂 

What am I telling you?- I would love to work with you to build your personal strength. I love my clients (you) and want each of you to find the best way to build your personal strength whether that’s with me or not!  When you ask, you might actually get what you want (this one’s tough for me)

Some of my gifts are personalizing both fitness and mindfulness, and I am learning to embrace and share those gifts. If you aren’t someone who comes to my classes, and you think you might want to work with me in some way, email me at sara@saramooser.com, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

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