Youth Fitness

Sparked Youth Fitness classes are meant for any youth ages 10-15 who want to build strength to improve their sport and / or to have a fun way to get fit.

In an encouraging and playful environment, youth will develop:

  • Proper mechanics for strength, speed, agility, and power
  • Aerobic and anaerobic conditioning
  • Body awareness so that they can identify and describe what’s happening and where
  • Movement quality and efficiency
  • Knowledge about best practices to stay healthy including nutrition, hydration, and sleep
  • Mindset, habit, attitude, and emotional tools to help them be resilient in all domains of life

From the start to finish of each 50 minute class, we’ll move through a dynamic warm up, a movement skill (skill of the day), conditioning and strength games and drills, and end with mobility, stretching and/or self-regulation skills.


Classes are on Mondays and Fridays from 4-4:50pm at the Stoking Radiance studio in Mountain View, California. $20/class or $144 for 8 classes. Please check the schedule for location and ! Click here to sign up for your first FREE class!

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The instructor, Sara Brannin-Mooser’s experience with youth ranges from having taught middle and high school, to having coached both age group and high school swim teams and running clubs. In addition, she is a ACE certified personal trainer, a SpiderFit Kids Youth Physical Literacy Specialist, and an AFPA Certified Youth Strength and Conditioning Coach. She has begun teaching youth as her kids have entered their tween and teen years. Read more about her here.

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