Adult Fitness

The Stoking Radiance philosophy is built around devoting 30 minutes to an hour to building “whole person” strength. While honoring where your body is with its limitations and current abilities, we challenge ourselves to get stronger using bodyweight, dumbbells, and other available equipment.

In our two strength focused classes, Radiant Body and Mind Online – 30 minutes and Integrated Strength Online and On Land – 60 minutes, we include a warm up, sets of exercises for full body strength, core exercises and cardio, a stretch, and a short meditation. These classes are great to build global strength in general or to help support endurance sports.

  • Whole body strength workouts .
  • Challenging your body and your mind while honoring where you are.
  • Modifications for you.
  • Mindful practices to reduce anxiety, increase your capacity to concentrate, focus, and find joy!

Mobility 30 minutes

Mobility allows you to move freely through your joints while also controlling your movements with strength and stability. We build deep muscles and work to get healthy range of motion in your joints at a purposeful pace. Alleviate chronic pain, reduce or prevent injuries, improve performance, and feel better overall. Classes take place in real time online and on demand.

Meditation – From 5-30 minutes.

Sara is a certified meditation teacher (see her About page). Each strength class ends with a 5 minute mindfulness practice – mindfulness can help to calm the nervous system, regulate emotions, and help with concentration, amongst many other benefits. Even a short practice can help!

For her longer meditation courses and practices, visit the Meditation page.

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