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Does this sound like you?

  • You are multi-passionate. 
  • You likely move your body in all sorts of ways – running, cycling, swimming, surfing, hiking,  –  that make you feel alive. 
  • Or maybe you feel a bit “homeless” in your own body these days.

And yet you also know enough to know that you’re missing something specific at your core: strength training. 

  • Maybe you struggle to find time to rest let alone add even more movement to your week. 
  • How do you fit another workout into your already busy schedule?

But here’s the real problem I’ve seen over and over again: We’re told that staying in shape must mean grueling workouts, ignoring limitations, and obsessing about the body.

What if you could get stronger and build your core strength without spending hours at a sweaty gym and in a way that brings you alive in your body and beyond?

Sara racing in the 2022 Sonoma Womens Triathlon. Photo taken by Bryan Walker Ting Photography

In my body of work, I’ve discovered and developed training methods that help active women and men build strength while working through and around their limitations.

We create space and structure to accomplish not only the physical goals but also the radiant goals in life and spirit.

Stoking Radiance founder Sara Brannin-Mooser meets you in your busy life to build your strong and still core so you can approach anything with a foundation of calm and confidence.

Stoking Radiance trains active women and men to develop radiant bodies and spirits.

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