Experimenting and the Beautiful Oops

Experimenting is part of how we move into something new. It can be fun, it can be messy, it can end up with something beautiful or as a total oops. When Cielle, my oldest, was in kindergarten, her teacher recommended that we buy the book The Beautiful Oops. Each page is an “oops” that is made into something creative and fun. The hardest part of a failure is how we frame it to ourselves afterwards. If we can somehow switch from despair to seeing what we’ve learned or what new opportunities arise after we fail, we can frame it into something beautiful. 

I’m experimenting right now…
Last week I had the pleasure of teaching my first group class in over two years. It was so much fun to see everyone in person!! The energy together is electric. Check out the photo and you can see the two ladies smiling at each other. That’s how it goes. Even our online attendee felt the difference and enjoyed the experience. I will continue to work on making the experience better for the online attendees and for the people coming here as well. 

Another online and in-person experience I’m working on is my upcoming Intro to Meditation class. If you or someone you know might be interested in learning more about meditation, you can join in person or online. I would love you to participate. This is a 6 week class to learn more about meditation, and each class will include a short period of meditation mixed with some teaching and a lot of question and answer time. If you’re interested, fill out this form. I’ll be finalizing times and days this week, so do it now if you’re feeling the pull.  We’ll see what beauty arises from both of these experiments! I invite you to take a moment to reflect on a time you tried to do something new, or something that felt vulnerable. Whether the end result was streamlined or messy, what did you learn? There is power in reflecting on these moments! Your reflection can set you up to find the beauty in the next oops a little more quickly. 

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