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Most fitness companies focus on the physical side of fitness – nutrition, weight loss, building strength, slimming down, and more.

When I founded Stoking Radiance it was because I wanted to do something radically different. I wanted to help people find time to build physical fitness while also finding a way to attend to their inner strength.

When you ask people what it is that they want from fitness, it’s not usually about the fitness gains. It’s usually more about how they feel, whether it’s about feeling more sure about themselves when they walk into a room, or whether it’s about keeping up with their kids. It comes down to deeper connection with themselves and others.

My goal in my upcoming winter program, Stoke Your Winter Glow, is to provide some tools for you to create more wonder, rest, restoration, and joy internally while helping you feel invigorated, energized, and inspired physically, all so that you feel more connected to yourself and to others.

Stoke Your Winter Glow begins next Monday, Nov 1st.

Here’s what you can expect:

1) A fitness check in at the beginning and end of the 7 week session that gives you a sense of your fitness gains over the 7 weeks.

2) 7 weeks of workouts, which you can attend live on Zoom or receive as a recording and are either 30 minutes or 1 hour long. Workouts are strength focused with a blend of High Intensity Interval Training based on my 10 years in the fitness industry. The 7 weeks are designed to progress your strength.

3) Each week you’ll receive an additional short strength workout and a 45 minute run/walk to do on your own. Both workouts are to support your strength and cardiovascular growth.

4) Three meditations that focus on the inner glow topic of the week. Inner glow topics include: the permission to chill, the permission to feel all the feels, digging into wonder, the permission to glow in the dark, the permission to glow in the light, and more.

5) Two emails each week that give you a short and easy to complete exercise that corresponds to the inner glow topic of the week.

6) Three live group sessions with Sara to ask questions and talk through what you’re learning! Mark your calendars for Thurs, Nov 4th from 4-5pm PST, Weds, Nov 17th from 5-6pm PST, and Thurs, Dec 16th from 4-5pm PSTReady to join me starting on Monday, Nov 1st?

For all of the details of the program, go here:’m really excited about this program because it blends everything I’m about – body, mind, and radiance. I hope you’ll join us!

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