Rush of love

J and I were in the throes of planning our wedding when I wrote this poem.  I was filled with newlywed excitement and a gushing heart, but the poem stands the test of a few years and a growing marriage.  Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

Love   (to Jonathan)

When I saw you one evening

murmuring a thought to yourself

on the rich red couch in your living room

I saw in my heart

The beautiful crimson bud

of the first fragrant rose

on the ever growing bush of our time together,

Opening its soft, pungently perfumed,

splendid glowing petals

Petals fertilized by my doubts and fears,

all my past worries and lessons learned.

And watered by my dreams and hopes,

all my persistent and longing prayers.

This rose is by far the most breathtaking

I have ever beheld

And I will sit with you here,

your hand on my knee and mine on your shoulder,

and grow with you as the rosebush does,


1 thought on “Rush of love

  1. I teared up. Lovely.

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