Beauty Everchanging

As part of a movie watching crew, I have the privilege of watching movies I might otherwise not see.  I was refreshed by the perspective of beauty and seductiveness portrayed in I’m No Angel. While I was captivated by the attention given to a woman who is much larger than the average actress today by the men in the film, I was surprised by the reactions of my fellow movie watchers.  They seemed repulsed.

I’m a fairly average woman, not really “thin” but not really fat either.  It’s such a travesty to me that to be considered beautiful you have to have a perfectly flat stomach, ample breasts with no fat on your thighs.  For a brief moment I was comforted that someone normal could be considered sexy.  The ever changing ideals of beauty remind me that beauty is much more than what we see on the outside.

Mae West in I'm No Angel
Mae West in I'm No Angel
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