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It’s hard not to admire people who seize every opportunity to do something meaningful and beautiful.  Ryan Marshall, blogger of Pacing the Panic Room, has done just that.  Marshall made the choice to love his stepson fully.  And then he and his wife learned that his stepson, who he refers to as his Little Buddy, has a rare genetic disorder, Smith-Magenis Syndrome.  Upon finding out that there is very little known about this syndrome, Marshall and his wife decided that they would set out to inspire more research.

To raise money to create awareness and a larger knowledge base about SMS, Marshall got a number of very cool artists to donate their time and energy to create a “kid’s record for parents.”

I bought the album not only because I wanted to support the cause, but also because I really enjoyed the music and knew it would be appropriate for my little one sometime in the near future.  Honestly, it’s a fun, positive album, and many of the songs are so low key kid songs that the tag line Marshall adopted is spot on.

You can learn more about SMS and the project that Marshall is endeavoring upon by clicking HERE. If you are inspired, you can link to the widget in your blog or send the link on to your Facebook friends!

Here’s to learning, contributing, and doing fun stuff.

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