Pregnancy and conception

Twenty two weeks ago, in late August 2009, my husband and I were working on getting pregnant. I was tracking my temperature, checking my fluids, and charting it all. About a week after our two attempts (you know what I mean), I felt a little twinge that seemed new, and a little painful.

I’m hyper aware of my body anyways. I’m not sure that you could call me hypochondriac, but I have a tendency to wonder about every creak and pain, so it didn’t surprise me to start taking that little twinge seriously.

Then I was losing more hair than normal when I was showering. At first I freaked out, so I went to the trusty internet to see what I could find out about losing hair. Pregnancy was the only possible reason…but I was still a little uncertain.

I was waiting for a sure sign before taking the pee stick test. Even though at twelve days past my temperature rise (which is the signal for ovulation or for some, pregnancy), I figured I must be pregnant. Generally my temperature falls after eleven days…so I was pretty sure, but I wanted to give it another week to take the test. You never know what might happen.

When I took the test, it was clear. I was pregnant!

It’s only now that I’m getting around to thinking that I should be writing about my experience. Maybe you’ll find that you resonate with what I have to say, maybe not…but either way, I’m happy to share.

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  1. Thanks for the updates. Unfortunately we can’t get together for decaf and catchup face to face. I think about you often and regret not watching you progress through your pregnancy. Such an amazing, thought filled time for me and it sounds like you fully appreciate it as well.

    Love, Tania

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